My Summer Camp Counselor Experience


I have no idea how I got the idea to work as camp counselor. It kind of just came to me one day. I applied to 11 different summer camps in California. My winter break my sophomore year of college consisted of applying to them because the applications were a nightmare and took hours to complete. I got interviewed by 4 different camps. One was my absolute favorite and I talked about it like it was my high school crush or something. Luckily, it was the camp I got hired at and will return to this coming summer. (June 8th, hurry up!!).

So what exactly does my camp counselor experience have to do with outdoor education? Well just about everything. I never truly understood why playing outdoors was important until I spent 9 weeks in the middle of no where at camp. Watching children get the opportunity to play outside is truly amazing. There’s no limits for exploration. The summer I spent as a camp counselor was hands down the best summer of my life, and I’m so excited to do it all over again. Summer camp has the power to change a kids life (and a counselor’s too!) and I strongly believe the opportunity it creates to play outdoors is one of those main reasons. Camp lets kids to be kids again. No technology. No scary news updates. It’s a place to be yourself, and explore the world around you. Silly camp songs are sung about beavers and children are constantly learning, whether they realize it or not.  After 9 weeks at camp I am a firm believer in the power of camp and the importance of playing outdoors.