You’re probably reading this and wondering why I created this blog. And more important, what it’s all about. First off, my name is Julia. I am 21 years old and a junior attending Sonoma State University located in Rohnert Park, CA. My passion in life is working with children and I want to be an elementary school teacher. I’m 99.9% sure teaching children is what I’m destined to do. I am in an education class all about leadership. Our signature assignment for the semester is to pick an issue and work to fix the issue. The issue I have chosen is the importance of outdoor education for children. In the United States, the importance of playing outdoors has slowly dwindled away. Kids spend a majority of their days cooped up indoors, playing video games and texting their friends. While they sit inside, the outdoors awaits them. There’s nothing in this world quite like nature. The opportunities it holds are endless. Children are free to explore and play. Unfortunately over time, the fear of the unknown has created hostile attitudes towards letting children play outdoors. Most parents and educators alike are greatly aware of the benefits of outdoor education, but because of all the awful things we read about and watch on the news, they are scared to let their children roam free. Through this blog, I will post my own thoughts and experiences on outdoor education (I work as a residential summer camp counselor in June through August), as well as articles and videos I find about the importance of outdoor education. So read on, and when you’re done, go play outside.


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